Our featured Service

Staffing and Recruiting Services

This division is responsible for internal HR services to the all Nobilis SRS divisions. In addition, the staffing and recruiting services team also recruits for our government services division and for private sector hospitals, clinics and other medically related business in the U.S. and Asia.


Our Process

At Nobilis SRS we listen. We start by meeting with you to listen to your history, personality, needs and goals. We advise you how to communicate these to your potential candidates and/or employers. We guide you step-by-step throughout the recruitment process, to completion. After the successful placement, we follow up with both employee and customer to ensure a smooth and successful relationship.


Our Obligation

We will treat you with honor and respect. We respond to every resume submitted, we give feedback from every interview, we respond to every message, we do not submit your resume without your expressed permission. We work for you, to ensure your needs are being met regarding your employment opportunities with us.

We will get to know you as we know ourselves. We will make every effort to satisfy your expectations of what a great staffing and recruiting firm should be. Our relationship with you will be one of mutual respect and desire for success.


Our Mission

At Nobilis Staffing & Recruiting, our mission is to provide quality staffing and recruitment services to our customers and candidates, about their specific staffing and career goals. To leverage our wealth of experience in the staffing and recruitment sector, coupled with our technological know-how to match the right qualified professional with the best opportunity that fits their situation, and our customer’s goals.


So, no matter if you are seeking an opportunity in Wyoming or Japan, Nobilis is here for you. The opportunity to make your career portable has never been better, as we also work with our Government Services Division to help you access job opportunities with US federal agencies in the US, Asia and Europe