Capability Statement

Nobilis SRS

Founded in 2016, our mission is to operate our business and its divisions in a way that makes the words: Smart, Reliable and Solutions truly come to life. We are here to provide our customers, clients and business partners dedicated services that provide solutions to their everyday issues; smart, intelligent and cost- effective ways to accomplish their goals; in a way that the can rely on us to always be there waiting to service them in their time of need.

Focused primarily on the Medical sector, Nobilis SRS provides Smart Reliable Solutions to our clients in the public and private sectors. We cater to our client’s needs; providing products, services and solutions tailored specifically to fit our clients need in order to help them achieve their goals. With our principals possessing decades of public and private sector experience, we bring a breadth of world-class experience and know-how to the table, helping our clients achieve efficiency in their everyday operations and processes.

Staff Augmentation

Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technicians, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs, Physical Therapists, Translators, Medical Administrators, Hospital Systems Administrators/IT Techs, BMET, Psychologists, Psychiatrists


1-Ton ~ 8-Ton Trucks, Buses, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Vehicle Parts, Vehicle Accessories


Medical Equipment/Appliances, Hand/Power Tools

Company Information

DUNS: 080287874
CAGE Code: 7QY81
NAICS Codes:
561311 Employment Placement (Primary)
561330 Co-Employment Staffing 423450 Medical Equipment Wholesalers 423710 Hand Tools Wholesalers
423110 Motor Vehicle Wholesalers

Current Contracts Under Management

FA5270-17-P-0078/Women's Health Nurse/Kadena, Okinawa
W91QVN-17-C-0016/BHOP/Osan, ROK

Previously Managed Nurse Contracts

FA5270-15-P-0195/SHPE Nurse/Kadena
FA5587-14-P-0017/IP Nurse/Lakenheath
FA5270-14-C-0019/FOMC Nurse/Kadena
FA5270-13-P-0016/RMC Nurse/Kadena